Australian Dog Training and Obedience Directory

Australian Dog Training and Obedience Directory

Care about your dog, your furniture and your sanity? If you have a dog, you have only three choices, live unhappily with a dog with behavior problems, get rid of the dog, or train the dog. Training a dog will give you an awesome companion. All dogs, whether puppies or adults, can be trained. Train your dog well, and he/she will become a pure pleasure to have and own.

Dog training teaches your animal how to behave. Dogs want you to be happy with them, and if they are well trained it increases the bond between the two of you and your family. It takes time and effort to train your dog. Find a good dog trainer, join in on the fun, and learn how to be the best dog owner you can be.

You are the best trainer for your dog, but you do need help. You spend the most time with your animal and are the one that your dog loves. Your dog has watched your every movement and knows what you are going to do in a situation. Read the signs in your dog; he too knows what he will do in a situation. Learn to communicate with your pet so he does what you want. That’s where a trainer comes into play.

Dogs are influenced by three different elements. One is genetics; two is the environment, and three is you, the owner. Trainers cannot change genetics, but they can change and influence the environment and you. Trainers can teach you and train your dog how to behave in certain situations.

Finding a good trainer includes a couple of things. First they must be knowledgeable and give you a model of what to do and how to do it. Second they must “bond” with you and your dog. If you have clashing personalities, your dog will pick up on it and will not behave for the trainer. Your trainer should be patient with both you and the dog. Watch what your trainer does with your dog and copy the same movements. Do it while the trainer is watching. Ask for advice, tips and tricks. After all, this dog should quickly become a part of your life; your best friend and the protector of your home and family. Learn your lessons well, and you will have a very nice dog.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Dog training can be a daunting prospect, there are so many things to consider and if you’re trying to go it alone it can be a daunting process. Your dog can easily be the most beautifully well trained animal you could imagine, and our dog trainers and animal behaviourists are here to make sure the journey you take with your pet is a smooth and fulfilling one, and that you learn the right ways to get the most from your pet.

We are a business directory and we cater specifically to dog trainers and obedience specialists. Just use the menus on the top to search for dog trainers within your state. Our experts will make sure that both you and your pet are given all the support you need to make sure that you achieve what you’re seeking.

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